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Configure Statuses

Enable Statuses for Checklist Items

Use this setting to indicate if you want your checklist items to use a simple checkbox, a status dropdown or both. Note that this can be set on a global or project level, and the project setting will override the global setting.

By default, the available statuses are Open, In Progress, Done and Skipped. However, you can customize the status options.

Custom Statuses

To customize the statuses available in checklists, log in as a Jira Administrator and navigating to Apps > Manage Apps and select Statuses under the Issue Checklist heading.

Create a New Status

To create a new status enter:

  • A unique status name

  • The color (you may want to use the colors associated with the Jira status types; To do/gray , In Progress/blue, Done/green)

  • Whether the status should be associated with a checked (item completed) or unchecked (item incomplete) checkbox

Click the Add button. The new status will be available on issues.

Edit a Status

Once a status has been added, you can edit the color, but not the other properties. If more changes are needed, then delete and recreate the status.

Reorder a Status

Use the up/down arrows to change the order in which the statuses will be listed.

Delete a Status

All statuses except for Open and Done can be deleted. These two statuses are the defaults for unchecked (incomplete) and checked (completed) items, respectively.

To delete a status, click on the Trash icon. If a status used by a checklist item is deleted, the item will be displayed with either Open or Done status, depending on the "checked" property of the item.

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