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Downgrading from Enterprise to Checklist Free/Pro

  • Checklist for Jira is available in three versions; FREE PRO and ENTERPRISE. All versions are fully supported. See this page for a comparison of available features.

  • Migrating between versions automatically preserves all checklist data (with the exception of Global Templates available in ENTERPRISE). Local checklists, templates, values in custom fields, etc. will be immediately available once the upgrade/downgrade is complete.

  • After upgrading/downgrading the checklist panel will be displayed beneath the issue Description. Users can move the Checklist to the right side panel if they wish. 

  • Upgrading or downgrading between versions can be performed an unlimited number of times.

All versions share most configuration settings, excluding Global Checklists, validators and read-only custom fields (Checklist Progress, Checklist Progress %).  Any checklist workflow validators, or automation rules, JQL filters, etc that use read-only checklist fields, will need to be reset. Simply re-select the validator/field and save.

Downgrading from Enterprise to Pro/Free

  1. Navigate to Jira Settings > Apps > Manage apps and uninstall Checklist for Jira Enterprise.

  2. Navigate to Jira Settings > Apps > Find new apps and search for search for Issue Checklist Pro (or Issue Checklist Free).

  3. Install the app. (Two checklist panels will be displayed on issue pages while both versions are installed.)

  4. Navigate to Jira Settings > Apps > and select Global Checklists. Press the Synchronise Global Checklists button. Note that depending on the number of issues, the synchronization may take several hours.

  5. If you block issue transitions using All checklist items are completed validator, you will need to remove the validator from the workflow where it is used. Then recreate the validator after downgrading to Issue Checklist Pro or Issue Checklist Free.

  6. Reset any automation rules, JQL filters, etc that use read-only checklist fields.

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