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Extra Worklogs - October/November 2022 Bug

With a new feature introduced to both Clockwork Free and Pro in October 2022, any timers running for more than 25 hours are split, creating a separate worklog for each day the timer runs. The number of hours recorded for a given day is derived from the Working hours as defined in Clockwork settings.

When we released this feature, we inadvertently introduced a bug that caused non-working days not to be respected by the timers. Therefore, you might find extra worklogs added for weekends (October 22-23, October 29-30, November 5-6, November 12-13) and/or days off between October 22nd and November 15th, 2022).

This bug has now been fixed and we expect no more erroneous worklogs to be created. We recommend that you review your timesheets in the aforementioned period and manually delete any worklogs created by this bug. In some cases, you might need to ask your Jira admin for assistance.

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