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June 2023

The new time-tracking method

Previously, our Manual mode allowed users to use Manual Timers and the Log Work button to log time. Now, we have separated the two so you can select if you want to allow users to log time manually only or use both manual methods.

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You can now set up your Clockwork Teams and then use them to filter and breakdown the timesheet data. Create and save your Teams report and forget about setting it up each time you need to review the data.

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Billing periods (BETA)

Billing periods will give you the ability to define how often you want to work on your billing data and lock adding, editing, or removing worklogs within a locked billing period.

If you would like the ability to get a BETA preview of this feature, let us know and we’ll switch it on for you.

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Improvement: User names displayed on user avatars in the Issue View

If people in your organization don’t use profile photos and you want to check who added a worklog to the issue, just hover over the avatar to see the person’s name.

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