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Manual Timers

If the time tracking settings have been configured to allow manual timers, users can start and stop timers on issues they are working on.

Starting a Manual Timer

To start a timer on an issue, click the Arrow button. Clockwork will begin recording time.

Stopping a Timer

Click the Stop button to stop the timer.

Starting and Stopping a Timer from the Calendar view

This feature is only available in Clockwork Pro

You can start or stop a timer directly from an existing worklog in your Calendar view. Navigate to My Work > Calendar and hover over a worklog from an issue you want to continue working on again. Click the Arrow button to start the timer and Clockwork will begin recording time.

Whenever you’re done working on the issue, just hover over the worklog and click the Stop button.

Editing the Worklog

After the time has been stopped, click on the to open the menu and select Edit.

The worklog will open allowing you to edit the details (description, tags, etc.).

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