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May 2023

Global Date Format and First Day of the Week settings

You can now select the Date Format and the First Day of the Week should apply to your views.
This setting is currently available as a global configuration of Clockwork, but if you would like to be able to set your own preferences, contact us through our service portal or at

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Email Notifications to users who missed their daily working hours target

See which team members missed their daily Working Hours target and send an email to remind them to log their time. Use the Users and Outliers filters and the Compare Worklogs to Working Hours option to determine who should receive the email reminder.

All selected recipients will receive the following email notification with a direct link to the selected timesheet range.

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Weekly Outliers

Now you can quickly find the team members who have logged more, or fewer, hours than their expected Working Hours for the week. Remember the Outliers filters? We introduced additional filters that will allow you to compare the sum of all hours users have logged during the week against their expected Working hours. All you need to do is:

  • Select a full week in the date range selector (starting from the first day of the week)

  • Click on Filter > Outliers

  • Choose which Weekly option works for you best

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Improvement: Collapse or Expand all timesheet data

Want to see just the summary of your timesheet data? Just click on the arrow on top of the timesheet and collapse or expand all of the items. A small improvements but we’re sure it will help tremendously when viewing bigger timesheets.

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