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Released in 2022

Worklog Attributes

A great way to categorize your time! Worklog attributes allow you to define what attributes are available in the Log Work dialog for your team. Those can be checkboxes, single selects, or labels that can be set up to be required (or not) when your team is logging their time. You can use worklog attributes for example for:

  • billable/non-billable time

  • activity types

  • contractor work

and many others. Use them in timesheet reports to filter and break down the data based on them.

Learn more about: Worklogs | Worklog-Attributes

Google Calendar Integration

View your scheduled events in your Clockwork Calendar and log your time directly from those. Just click on the meeting in your Calendar view and select the task you want to log this time to.
Et voilĂ !. This is this simple.

See how to connect your Clockwork Calendar view with Google: Creating Worklogs | Google-Calendar-Integration-[inlineExtension]

Compare Worklogs to Working Hours

Highlight and filter users that worked more or less than their Working Hours.

Read more about Compare Worklogs to Working Hours

Time Tracking for Selected Issue Types

You might want to track time on epics and bugs but not necessarily on sub-tasks. Now, you can select which issue types will have time tracking enabled.

Time Tracking | Time-tracking-is-enabled-for-selected-issue-types

More Filter and Breakdowns Options

Slice and dice your Timesheet report with additional filters and breakdowns!

  • filter by issue key

  • filter and breakdown by labels

  • breakdown by multi-selects

  • breakdown by numbers

Timesheets | Filter-&-Breakdown-Options

Collapsable/Expandable Timesheet Rows

When timesheets are broken down by multiple fields, you can now collapse and expand certain levels by using the arrows on the left to see the summary or just the details of a certain breakdown.

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