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Set Clockwork as the Time Tracking Provider

You can set Clockwork to be the time tracking provider in Jira. This is optional, but is required in order to override the Log Work functionality from Atlassian with the Clockwork screens which offer you more flexibility around gathering work log attributes. To set Clockwork as the time tracking provider, log in as a Jira Administrator and go to Jira Settings > Issues > Time tracking. Select Clockwork Automated Timesheets from the Time tracking provider dropdown.

Once this is set up, the following areas will be displaying the Clockwork interface:

  • The Log work option from the issue view will open the Clockwork Worklog dialog

  • The Work logs tab in the Issue screen will be replaced with Clockwork worklogs where you can easily add your time by selecting the + button.

  • The Time tracking field in the issue panel view will be replaced by the Clockwork interface. The Clockwork interface allows you to see a summary of time logged, a breakdown of time logged on the issue by each user and the specific worklog details.

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