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Time spent in Issue Navigator

This allows you to see the list of issues from the Timesheet in the Issue Navigator view where you can add additional fields, search for more specific Issue attributes, export the data, or share the filter with one of your colleagues.

  • Click on the icon the View in Issue navigator icon.

Time spent in the Issue Navigator.png
  • The Issue Navigator view will open with a pre-selected JQL search including all issues from the Timesheet.

Issue Navigator view.png
  • To add more fields to this view, select Configure Columns. Please note that those are fields from Issues and not Worklogs, however, you can select the Original Estimate and Time Spent fields to see the summary of time spent per issue.

Configure columns in Issue Navigator.png

In this view, you can also:

  • open the selected list in a spreadsheet by selecting Apps → Google or Excel Sheet.

  • share the search criteria with one of your colleagues

  • export the list to a file

  • save the search criteria as a filter

  • bulk update the issues in the view

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