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Understanding Timers vs. Worklogs

Clockwork Free customers are limited to using 300 timers per month, within their Jira instance. Once the limit is met, there is a 5-day grace period when timers can still be created. After five days, no more timers can be started until the next month.

Timers vs. Worklogs

A timer is started either automatically via a transition to an active status (if automatic tracking is enabled) or using the “start“ button in the issue view.

When a timer is stopped, a corresponding worklog is created. Worklogs are entries that record the time, and amount of time, an issue was worked on by a given user.

Because timers are counted toward the limit when they are created, not when they are completed, the number of timers used in your instance for the current month may not align with the number of worklogs. (Currently running timers will not be reflected by a worklog.) Currently, the Clockwork UI does not have display the current number of timers. However, you are welcome to contact our support team to check/confirm the number of timers you’ve used in the current month.

Note that manually created worklogs do not count against the limit, and can continue to be created after the limit has been reached.

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