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Checklist Items

Adding Checklist Items

To add a new item to the list, type in the content into the input field and press enter or click the plus icon.

Adding Separators

Separators can be added to keep long lists organized.

To add a separator, type the name of the Separator and click on the separator icon.

Reordering Checklist Items

To change the order of checklist items, click into the grid to the left of the checkbox and drag the item to the desired position in the list.

Edit Checklist Items

To edit an item, click on the pencil icon and type the desired changes.

See Checklist Item History

Click on the page icon to see the details about the checklist item, including when and by whom the item was created, and when the item was checked/unchecked.

Adding Due Dates / Deadlines

Click the calendar icon to add a deadline to an item.

Delete Checklist Item

Click on the trash icon to delete the item.

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