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Change Completion State of All Items

Checking and unchecking all items at once can be useful (for example, when you want to resolve the issue while the block issue transition feature is enabled.

Toggling All Items

To check/uncheck all items in a checklist:

  1. Click on themenu for the checklist.

  2. Select Toggle all items.

All items will be marked as complete (including cases where some of the items were already marked as complete).

If all items are already complete, clicking Toggle all items will change all items in the list to incomplete.

Toggling All Items to Destination Status ENTERPRISE

This feature is available only in the Checklist For Jira | Enterprise version.

To move all items in a checklist to another status

  1. Click on the menu for the checklist or for all checklists.

  2. Click on the arrow button next to Toggle all items.

  3. Select the destination status. All items will be marked with the status you selected in the sub-menu.

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