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Validate that All Checklist Items are Complete

Company-managed Projects

This validator blocks a transition unless all items, including items on both local and Global Checklists are complete.

To set the workflow validator:

  1. Navigate to Project Settings > Workflows

  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the workflow.

  3. Select Diagram mode and click on the transition where you want to add the validator.

  4. Click on Validators.

  5. Click Add validator.

  6. Select the All checklist items are completed validator and click Add.

  7. Click Add again to confirm creation of the validator.

  8. Click Publish draft to save the changes.

  9. Test the validator by attempting to transition an issue which does not meet the criteria. The transition will fail.

Troubleshooting Validators

Checklist for Jira uses issue entity properties to provide the following features:

Therefore, the Checklist must be able to set issue entity properties. This is enabled by default. However, if a jira.permission.* workflow property has been set on a workflow step, Issue Checklist may not be able to set issue entity property.

For example, the following property will prevent Checklist from setting issue properties, and features listed above won't work correctly:

Removing the jira.permission.* workflow property and using the standard Jira permissions to control who can edit the issue will allow the Checklist functions to work.

Team-managed Projects

You can create a rule in a Team-managed project that will block a transition unless all checklists on the issue (including items on both local and Global Checklists) are complete. If the checklist is not complete, the user will not be shown the target status (similar to a workflow condition in Company-managed projects).

To create the rule:

  1. Navigate to Project settings > Issue types.

  2. Select the appropriate issue type. Use the Search all fields box to find the Checklist Completed custom field and drag it to the appropriate place on the Issue layout. Click Save changes.

  3. Click on the Edit workflow button.

  4. Click Rule.

  5. Select Restrict transition as the Rule type, and choose Restrict to when a field is a specific value. Click Select.

  6. Select the appropriate transition.

  7. Select:

    1. Checklist Completed as the field

    2. Text as the type

    3. Equals as the condition

    4. All Completed as the value

  8. Click Add.

  9. Click the Update workflow button to publish the rule.

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