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Find Assigned Checklist Items


Issue Checklist provides an Assigned items page, where users can see the checklist items assigned where they are mentioned. The checklist items will be displayed even if the user doesn’t have permission to view the checklist, or permission to view the issue.

If the user does have permission to view the issue, then the issue key and summary will be displayed as a link.

Find Items Assigned to You

To find checklist items assigned to you, click on your avatar in the Jira navigation bar, and select Assigned items.

A page will open displaying a read-only list of checklist items (grouped by issue) where you’re mentioned. To see all items (not just those where you are mentioned) on a selected issue, click on the issue key to navigate to the issue.

In the PRO and ENTERPRISE versions you can filter to hide or show completed items. Completed items will always be hidden in the FREE version.


Show Assigned Checklist Items on Dashboard

Users can add the Assigned checklist items gadget to their dashboards to see a list of all incomplete checklist items assigned to them.

To add the gadget to a dashboard, search for Assigned checklist items from gadget list. Click Add.

The gadget will display all incomplete checklist items assigned to the current user.

Currently, checklist items on the dashboard gadget are read-only. This limitation will be removed in an upcoming version.

Find Items Assigned to Another User

Only Jira administrators can use user picker and see items assigned to somebody else.

Jira administrators can use the Assigned items page to search for items assigned to another user:

  1. Click on your avatar in the Jira navigation bar, and select Assigned items.

  2. When the Assigned items page opens, use the User picker field to select the indicated user.

  3. After a new user is selected the URL will be updated to contain the information about selected user. This link can be shared with other Jira administrators. If a user who is not an administrator tries to use the link they will see a warning and will be offered the option to see items assigned to themself instead.

JQL search

JQL can be used to find Jira issues mentioning a specific user, as described here.

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