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Search & JQL

Built-in Search

Checklist for Jira offers following built-in search functions from the … menu on the checklist. These functions redirects to Issue Search page and can be combined with other JQL clauses (see examples below).

Built-in search includes:


JQL Expression(s)


Any items

hasChecklistItems = "true"


checklistItemsCount > 0

All issues with checklists items

Complete items

hasActiveChecklistItems = "true"


activeChecklistItems > 0

All issues with incomplete checklists items

Note that the built-in Item text search will not work if the View Checklist permission is enabled. In that case, go directly to the issue search screen and insert the appropriate JQL.

Checklist for Jira uses issue entity properties to provide perform JQL searches. Therefore, if a jira.permission.* workflow property is set on a workflow step, the search will fail.

Example JQL Expressions

You can use the following fields and functions to search for issues using JQL:

  • activeChecklistItems

  • checklistItemsCount

  • hasActiveChecklistItems

  • Checklist Text custom field

Read more about searching for issues in Jira.

A JQL query can be saved as a filter and displayed in a dashboard using the Filter Results Gadget

The expressions below use the Checklist Text custom field. Therefore the Save local checklist items to Jira custom fields global setting must be enabled, and the functions will not search items in Global Checklists.

Exact searches require two sets of quotation marks. The first set works as brackets signaling to to Jira that a variable is being passed. The second set (nested) indicates that the enclosed text is the exact search term and need to be proceeded by a \ to escape the functions of special characters.

  • For example, "Checklist Text[Paragraph]" ~"\"abc\""

  • The square brackets used to indicate a checkbox or item status also need to be proceeded by \

    • "Checklist Text[Paragraph]" ~"\" \\[X\\]abc\""

    • "Checklist Text[Paragraph]" ~"\" \\[done\\] abc\"

Due to JRACLOUD-75866, it is not currently possible to search for incomplete items unless statuses are enabled ("Checklist Text[Paragraph]" ~"\" \\[\\]abc\"" will return all issues with an “abc” item, regardless of whether or not the item is complete).


JQL Expression(s)


A given number of checklist items

checklistItemsCount = 3

All issues with a 3 checklist items

A relative number of incomplete checklist items

activeChecklistItems > 3

All issues with more than 3 incomplete checklist items

Completed or deleted checklists

hasActiveChecklistItems = "false"

All issues with completed checklists or checklists that have been deleted.

Empty checklists

"Checklist Text" is EMPTY

All issues without checklist items

Containing given text

"Checklist Text[Paragraph]" ~"\" abc\""

All issues with a checklist item(s) containing “abc”

All items in a Skipped status

"Checklist Text[Paragraph]" ~ "\\[skipped\\]"

All issues with a checklist item(s) in a SKIPPED status.

Items with the current user mentioned

"Checklist Text[Paragraph]" ~ currentUser()

All issues with items in which the current user is mentioned

All complete items with given text

"Checklist Text[Paragraph]" ~"\" \\[X\\]abc\""

All issues with a completed item that contains "abc".

 *Assumes statuses are disabled.

All complete items with given text in a given status

"Checklist Text[Paragraph]" ~ "\"* [done] abc\""

All issues with an item that contains "abc" in a DONE status.

Different items in different statuses

"Checklist Text[Paragraph]" ~ "\"* [done] abc\"" AND "Checklist Text[Paragraph]" ~ "\"* [open] def\""

All issues with an item "abc" that is a DONE status and an item "def" that is an OPEN status. 


Search Checklist Items with User Mention

User Account ID is a unique non-PII identifier of a user. Read how to find user account ID or read more about GDPR and Atlassian Account ID.

  1. Open the user’s profile page and copy the Atlassian Account ID from the browser address URL.

  2. Go to the Advanced tab of the Jira Search page.

  3. Type following JQL statement in the search box (replacing user-account-id) and press Enter:

    "Checklist Text" ~ "\"@user-account-id\""

Show Checklist Progress in Search Issues View

You can also show Checklist Progress (or another checklist custom field such as Checklist Progress % or Checklist Completed) in your Jira search results.

  1. From the Search view, click on the Columns dropdown.

  2. Select Checklist Progress or whichever checklist field you want to include.

  3. Click Done.


Checklist for Jira uses issue entity properties to provide the following features:

Therefore, the Checklist must be able to set issue entity properties. This is enabled by default. However, if a jira.permission.* workflow property has been set on a workflow step, Issue Checklist may not be able to set issue entity property.

For example, the following property will prevent Checklist from setting issue properties, and features listed above won't work correctly:

Removing the jira.permission.* workflow property and using the standard Jira permissions to control who can edit the issue will allow the Checklist functions to work.

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