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Get Issue Entity Properties

If you need to find issue entity properties for support purposes, you can get them through one of the following ways:

Jira API REST Request

Open terminal (command-line interface) and execute the following curl command, replacing:

  • your-domain with your Jira URL

  • {issueKey} with valid Jira issue key

  • with your email

  • api_token with your API token

curl --request GET \
  --url '{issueKey}?properties=*all' \
  --user '<api_token>' \
  --header 'Accept: application/json'

You can also make the request through a third-party tool such as Postman.

Entity Property Tool App

  1. Install the Entity Property Tool app.

  2. Open the issue page.

  3. Select the Entity properties tab to see the details of the entity properties.

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