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Issue Entity Properties

Saving data to entity property can unveil data if you can see the issue but cannot see the checklist

Entity properties will reflect the collective state of all checklists, local and global, on the issue.

Available properties

Issue Checklist sets the issue entity property checklist JSON object with the following fields/properties inside:

  "completedText": "Not Completed", // can also be "Mandatory Completed" or "All Completed"
  "activeItems": 2, // also aliased as "uncheckedItems"
  "allItems": 4,
  "uncheckedMandatoryItems": 1,
  "allMandatoryItems": 2,
  "hasActiveItems": true, // also aliased as "hasUncheckedItems"
  "hasItems": true,
  "allItemsCompleted": false,
  "hasUncheckedMandatoryItems": true,
  "hasMandatoryItems": true,
  "mandatoryItemsCompleted": false,
  "progressText": "Checklist: 2/4",
  "progressPercent": 50,
  "items": Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4

Example usage

Entity properties are read-only.  Changes made directly to the entity properties will not update the checklist and will be overwritten by changes made in the checklist UI (or in any other valid way such as through the API, Checklist Text field, automation, a post function, etc.).

Entity properties can be used in:

  • Automation
    In Automation rules, issue entity properties can be accessed through the smart values feature, e.g. 


Get Entity Properties

You can get an issue’s entity properties in the following ways:

Jira API REST Request

Open terminal (command-line interface) and execute the following curl command, replacing:

  • your-domain with your Jira URL

  • {issueKey} with valid Jira issue key

  • with your email

  • api_token with your API token

curl --request GET \
  --url '{issueKey}?properties=*all' \
  --user '<api_token>' \
  --header 'Accept: application/json'

You can also make the request through a third-party tool such as Postman.

Entity Property Tool App

  1. Install the Entity Property Tool app.

  2. Open the issue page.

  3. Select the Entity properties tab to see the details of the entity properties.

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