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  • If an automation rule references the Checklist Text field, the Save local checklist items to Jira custom fields global setting must be enabled for the rule to function. After enabling the Save local checklist items to Jira custom fields setting, the sync may take a few hours up to a full day, to complete, depending on the size of your instance. Please allow adequate time before using the field in automation rules.

  • Jira Service Management currently includes Automation and Legacy Automation. The examples on these pages refer to Automation.

  • The Default Checklist feature is not compatible with automation rules that use the Issue Created trigger. Both actions depend on Jira’s Issue created notification and an order of operations error may occur.

Copying Checklist Text

If you need a to reference the text of a checklist in an automation rule, copy the contents of the checklist editor.

Finding Custom Field IDs

Checklist Custom Fields

To find the ID of the custom field:

  1. Log in as a Jira Administrator.

  2. Go to Jira Settings > Issues > Custom fields.

  3. Search for the indicated custom field.

  4. Click the More menu () and select Edit Details.

  5. Copy the URL of the page. The URL will end with the ID number of the custom field.

Custom fields can be duplicated by some errors or rare scenarios. If you are experiencing issues with accessing custom fields, make sure you are referencing the custom field that is currently used by Issue Checklist.

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