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Multiple Checklists on an Issue

Creating Multiple Checklists on an Issue

You can also create multiple checklists, each with its own name and progress bar, on a single issue.

To create additional checklists on an issue:

  1. Navigate to Jira settings > Apps and select Global Settings under the Issue Checklist heading.

  2. Ensure the Enable multiple checklists per issue toggle is on (disabled by default).

  3. Go to the Jira issue and click on the + button on the checklist panel to add another checklist

By default, the additional checklists will be named Checklist #2, Checklist #3, etc. Clicking on the name will open the field so you can rename the list. Once additional checklists have been added you can also rename the default checklist.

Limits of Issue Checklist Free

Issue Checklist Free has a limit to the total number of checklist items per issue (as explained here. The limit applies to the total number of items in the issue, regardless of how the items are distributed across multiple checklists.

Multiple Checklists and the Checklist Text Field

When multiple checklists and Save local checklist items to Jira custom fields are enabled at the same time, the Checklist Text field will contain all of the checklists and items on the issue.

Hiding the "Add checklist" Button

To hide the Add checklist button, disable theEnable multiple checklists per issue global setting.

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