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Configure Checklist Global Settings

Main title

The checklist panel will have the title “Checklist” by default. In Issue Checklist Pro, you can select alternative titles. The options are: Acceptance criteria, Checklist, Definition of done, Success criteria, Testing notes.

The title selected here will be applied to all checklists by default. However, you can create your own checklist templates with a title of your choosing, and can also add subheadings to your checklists.

Show checklist always

When the toggle is disabled, empty Checklists may not be visible. Enable the toggle to show checklists even if they are empty.  (Old Issue View displays checklists at all the time, even if there are no items in the list.)

Show checklist in Jira mobile app

Enabling this option will allow all users to see checklists in Jira mobile and Mac apps. When this setting is enabled, the checklist will appear in the right-hand panel when viewing an issue on a desktop.  If this setting is enabled and a user has set their preferences to show the checklists in the main panel, then two copies of the checklist will be shown.

Send email notifications for user mentions

Issue Checklist allows you to @mention users in checklist items. If you are using Issue Checklist Pro and the Send email notifications option is enabled, an email will be sent when a user is mentioned in a checklist item. These emails are sent when new items are added, when items are edited or when a template is applied to the issue. Email notifications are not sent if a user is mentioned while editing the checklist in the editor or through the Checklist Text custom field. Emails are not sent if a user mentions themselves.

Note that currently there is now way for an individual user to unsubscribe from checklist notifications.

To modify the email subject line, click into the text box and type the desired text. Click the checkmark to save your changes.

Issue Checklist does not read or store users' email addresses. It uses the user’s account ID (cryptic value) to send emails via the Atlassian API.

Enable multiple checklists per issue 

This option allows users to create multiple local checklists on a single Jira issue.

If you already have the Save local checklist items to Jira custom fields setting enabled, when you enable multiple checklists on an issue:

  • The Checklist Content YAML custom field will be ignored (no longer updated)

  • The system will re-sync the Checklists Text field, triggering an issue updated event for all issues that have a checklist

If you decide that you do not want to allow multiple local checklists on an issue, enable then disable this setting. The add checklist (+) button will be removed.


Save local checklist items to Jira custom fields

Checklist for Jira creates and manages several custom fields in your Jira instance, including the Checklist Text field. If this option is enabled, the Checklist Text field will be kept in sync with the contents of the local checklist(s) on the issue, allowing you to use checklist data with automation, bulk editing and the Jira API. Note that the Checklist Text field does not sync with the Global Checklists available in Checklist for Jira ENTERPRISE.

  • Depending on the size of your instance, the sync may take a couple of hours up to a full day. Please allow adequate time before using the contents of the Checklist Text field in automation rules, workflow behaviors, etc.

  • If this setting is enabled, changes to the checklist will generate notifications from Jira in the Notifications panel and in the Issue history.

  • If this option is re-enabled after being disabled, a one-time re-save of all the checklist data will be performed to ensure that the contents of the custom fields is up to date.

Enable text strikethrough for completed items

Enabling this option will display the text of checklist item as crossed out when item has been completed.

Apply checklist templates from issue labels

Enable this option to allow checklist templates to be automatically added to issues based on a value in the Jira labels field. This is the preferred method for adding templates (the Checklist Template custom field is being deprecated. Note that you must also ensure that the names of checklist templates do not include spaces.

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