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Quarterly Release Notes - December 2022

Please see releases for the last quarter of 2022 below. 

 🆕 New Features & Improvements

KeyIssue TypeSummaryDue dateStatus
ICP-2143Improvement"Toggle all items" option should be enabled if global template is displayed for issue20/Oct/22Done
ICP-2040ImprovementDisable self-mentioning notifications11/Oct/22Done

🐞 Bugs Fixed

KeyIssue TypeSummaryDue dateStatus
ICP-1470BugFix sanitization of data vulnerability17/Dec/22Done
ICP-1452Bug (hot-fix)The syncer is not working on production14/Dec/22Done
ICP-1388Bug (hot-fix)[CJFS] Fix array of empty arrays bypassing condition and crashing importer08/Dec/22Done
ICP-1559Bug (hot-fix)Broken UI after import from CFJS02/Dec/22Done
ICP-1376Bugfix the problem with stalled jobs in the Syncer job queue28/Nov/22Done
ICP-1547Bug (hot-fix)Sanitize import files strings before loading them in Postgres26/Nov/22Done
ICP-1409BugFix statuses configuration UI08/Nov/22Done
ICP-1380BugGlobal templates feature unavailable info message07/Nov/22Done
ICP-1535Bug (hot-fix)The “move checklist to the left/right” option doesn't not respond04/Nov/22Done
ICP-1355Bug (hot-fix)Remove logs that are flooding production server27/Oct/22Done
ICP-1545Bug (hot-fix)Fix the problem with ScalableSyncer26/Oct/22Done
ICP-1486BugGlobal templates: items reordering doesn't work24/Oct/22Done
ICP-1554BugCopying checklist items does not work on Chrome and Firefox21/Oct/22Done
ICP-1459Bug (hot-fix)Fix Typescript "File" Error when running yarn dev18/Oct/22Done

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