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Quarterly Release Notes - March 2023

We focused on bug fixes during the first quarter of 2023:

 🐞 Bugs Fixed

KeyIssue TypeSummaryDue dateStatus
ICP-1398Bug"Switch to Checklist view" button on Create Template page overlaps with editor's UI31/Mar/23Done
ICP-1467BugClicking outside of Checklist Editor closes Editor and changes are lost30/Mar/23Done
ICP-1437Bug (hot-fix)Fix Global Syncer triggered when Global Checklists are off23/Mar/23Done
ICP-1422BugemailNotificationsForMentionsEnabled project setting is stored with projectId null22/Mar/23Done
ICP-1296Bug[CFJS ] Use custom definition id in filename instead of checklist definition name to separate different checklists22/Mar/23Done
ICP-1499BugLink to reload iFrame on Unauthorized Error message does not work06/Mar/23Done
ICP-1510BugWrong link in the Checklist for Jira Cloud importer tab02/Mar/23Done
ICP-1532Bugfix the problem with the default values of env vars for the Syncer24/Feb/23Done
ICP-1383Bug (hot-fix)Fix yarn-caused heroku build failure09/Feb/23Done
ICP-1348Bugmessage=Cannot destructure property 'items' of 'result[0]' as it is undefined02/Feb/23Done
ICP-1541BugSkip creating entity properties from global checklists in issue-created webhook if the feature is disabled31/Jan/23Done
ICP-1365Bug (hot-fix)Add names to anonymous middleware24/Jan/23Done
ICP-1516BugFix intermittent failure of download-files.test.ts02/Jan/23Done

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