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Quarterly Release Notes - October 2022

We've changed our release notes process. You can find information for issues released between May - September 2022 here.

 ๐Ÿ†• New Features & Improvements

KeyIssue TypeSummaryDue dateStatus
ICP-2163ImprovementWarning when deleting items from global templates21/Sep/22Done
ICP-2020ImprovementDon't show empty global template on issue page21/Sep/22Done
ICP-2155ImprovementImprove Global Template delete confirmation dialog16/Sep/22Done
ICP-2128ImprovementRemove the flash of "no templates found" on the templates list in project page29/Aug/22Done
ICP-2133StoryLock global templates for resolved issues24/Aug/22Done
ICP-2216ImprovementFix @atlaskit/layer deprecation19/Aug/22Done
ICP-2033StoryApply template according to label added to the issue09/Aug/22Done
ICP-2160ImprovementIf checklist is visible to JSM customers, show info icon in toolbar08/Aug/22Done
ICP-2226ImprovementLocked global items - make "optional" and "rename" options/actions available03/Aug/22Done
ICP-2235ImprovementGlobal templates context - ON for all project and issue types by default27/Jul/22Done
ICP-2124ImprovementDisable user mention/picker for items in Global Templates25/Jul/22Done
ICP-2078ImprovementEdit template UI improvements01/Jul/22Done
ICP-2039ImprovementLink in separator text showing with a line in the foreground10/Jun/22Done
ICP-2028ImprovementHide Global Templates page/link when feature flag env var is disabled08/Jun/22Done
ICP-2157New FeaturePoC - more Jira integration30/May/22Done
ICP-2130StoryShow global templates in the issue panel30/May/22Done
ICP-2154ImprovementWhen loading template to single checklist, add template name as a header only if template's first item is not a header27/May/22Done
ICP-2060StoryAdmin page for global templates27/May/22Done
ICP-2093New FeatureChecklist Text 2 read-only field without user account ids05/May/22Done
ICP-2232ImprovementClear history button improvements03/May/22Done

 ๐Ÿž Bugs Fixed

KeyIssue TypeSummaryDue dateStatus
ICP-1438BugGlobal templates page UI is cut in half on certain browsers16/Sep/22Done
ICP-1379Bugmessage="Can't delete item because it was deleted in another tab" is not displayed to the user12/Sep/22Done
ICP-1537BugDefault template not being set to request type in JSM Team Managed project29/Aug/22Done
ICP-1533BugRename template dialog displays template name with ellipsis29/Aug/22Done
ICP-1430BugRemove Sentry error report. (PagerDuty Error Threshold Surpassed Investigation)29/Aug/22Done
ICP-1407BugFix staging deployment failing18/Aug/22Done
ICP-1436BugInvestigate issue with translator script in CircleCI16/Aug/22Done
ICP-1304BugGlobal Settings English text is broken16/Aug/22Done
ICP-1302BugSyncer: Add support for paid heroku redis plans15/Aug/22Done
ICP-1489BugPermissions English text is broken10/Aug/22Done
ICP-1371BugRemove checklist when Jira project is deleted10/Aug/22Done
ICP-1432Bug (hot-fix)Incorrect app name in the validator09/Aug/22Done
ICP-1283BugEdit template dialog: Improve UI09/Aug/22Done
ICP-1280BugPermissions text not displayed on Global Items08/Aug/22Done
ICP-1395Bugfix the Error: Cannot find module '../../app/checklist-mode'28/Jul/22Done
ICP-1297Bug (hot-fix)fix the invalid descriptor related to pl_PL in the descriptor file26/Jul/22Done
ICP-1343Bug (hot-fix)Templates do not load under Project Pages25/Jul/22Done
ICP-1561Bug (hot-fix)Field to add checklist item missing in Create Template page18/Jul/22Done
ICP-1289BugGlobal template menu "..." is visible for customers of JSM18/Jul/22Done
ICP-1330Bug (hot-fix)"React is not defined" error when adding a mention30/Jun/22Done
ICP-1465BugLimit size of templates sent to Jira Checklist Template field to 32KB29/Jun/22Done
ICP-1329BugDon't show Checklist History tab for issues in disabled projects29/Jun/22Done
ICP-1300BugdataCleanerForExCustomers worker crashes when trying to start21/Jun/22Done
ICP-1378BugConfig toggle description showing incorrectly20/Jun/22Done
ICP-1443Bug (hot-fix)nightly backups are broken10/Jun/22Done
ICP-1425BugStatus navigation button in app settings is misspelled07/Jun/22Done
ICP-1552Bug (hot-fix)Assigned items dashboard gadget: iframe doesn't fit content.01/Jun/22Done
ICP-1440BugCannot read property name of undefined while applying templates31/May/22Done
ICP-1475BugInvestigate CFJS importing timeouts24/May/22Done
ICP-1566Bug (hot-fix)Fix error: message=ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/app/dist/config.json.hbs', stack=Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/app/dist/config.json.hbs'20/May/22Done
ICP-1323BugModal buttons unreachable on screens of shorter height20/May/22Done
ICP-1428Bug (hot-fix)Replace all instances of "node --require @babel/register bin/**" for "node dist/bin/**"19/May/22Done
ICP-1427BugList of users is trimmed (page does not scale) on Assigned Items19/May/22Done
ICP-1390Bugtemplate is not applied to the new issues16/May/22Done
ICP-1385Bug (hot-fix)Default template for request type - IC shows only 50 request types12/May/22Done
ICP-1303BugOnboarding tip is partially hidden when checklist is empty12/May/22Done
ICP-1477Bug (hot-fix)Set default template action fails on main Templates page (console error)10/May/22Done
ICP-1320BugSyncer cannot start in `3254b789`09/May/22Done
ICP-1335Bug"Set default" template popup does not open on master/Heroku02/May/22Done

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