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Quarterly Release Notes - September 2023

Please see releases for the third quarter of 2023 below. 

 ๐Ÿ†• New Features & Improvements

KeyIssue TypeSummaryDue dateStatus
ICP-2169ImprovementAdd tooltip to menu YAML option when disabled20/Sep/23Done
ICP-2117StoryMake mentioning work (send emails) when applying template with mention29/Aug/23Done

๐Ÿž Bugs Fixed

KeyIssue TypeSummaryDue dateStatus
ICP-1429BugGlobal Checklists appear after deleting all checklist items21/Sep/23Done
ICP-1367Bug[CFJS] Invalid files do not properly report errors19/Sep/23Done
ICP-1290BugError thrown when clearing checklist history14/Sep/23Done
ICP-1451BugAdjust emoji picker to handle new payload from API08/Sep/23Done
ICP-1515Bug (hot-fix)Can't save Checklist as a template through issue view07/Sep/23Done
ICP-1301BugCFJC Import - non blocking for the same instance05/Sep/23Done
ICP-1573Bug (hot-fix)Fix typo in _isCanlendarDayButtonTarget function call01/Sep/23Done
ICP-1505BugDisable the "Create template" button for nonAdmin users and users without CreateTemplate permission31/Aug/23Done
ICP-1457BugImport won't start on Enterprise29/Aug/23Done
ICP-1454Bug (hot-fix)[SYNCER] Make getNumberFieldFromIssueBody return null and throw error at getIssueTypeProjectIdAndDoneness if values are null25/Aug/23Done
ICP-1313Bug (hot-fix)Fix feature flags not being fetched25/Aug/23Done
ICP-1488BugJSM users should be visible at the bottom of user picker23/Aug/23Done
ICP-1340BugInline Code formatting is visually lacking in dark mode24/Jul/23Done
ICP-1394BugChecklist notification has a barely read-able button (on email)20/Jul/23Done
ICP-1419Bug (hot-fix)Global Checklists Sync can be requested through the API by non-admin users12/Jul/23Done
ICP-1441Bug (hot-fix)CFJS file uploader fails due to JWT error10/Jul/23Done
ICP-1506BugChecklist Add Todo Item Input Unresponsive After Onboarding Dialog Closure07/Jul/23Done
ICP-1366Bug(Syncer) Properties synchronisation problem (isDone param when fetching data) - we should take frozen state information for done issues06/Jul/23Done
ICP-1370BugEmote doesn't work properly when you edit the checklist item05/Jul/23Done
ICP-1508Bug (hot-fix)Validator's non-completion message lacks app name and checklist keyword04/Jul/23Done
ICP-1524BugGlobal checklist refresh problem - we should retrieve globalChecklist data all the time03/Jul/23Done

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