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Internal Activities

Besides your project work in Jira, you might want to track your team’s time spent on internal non-project or more generic activities such as daily stand-ups, weekly meetings, admin, lunch breaks, or leave.

To do so, create a project dedicated to internal activities and grant access to it to the teams that should use it for time tracking. Depending on your needs you can select a team-managed (set up and maintained by a team) or company-managed (set up and maintained by your Jira admin) project.

For easier time reporting, you might want to create a separate issue type for Internal activities. This could help you to filter this time out when building a project time report.

Define the activities that should be accessible for your team by creating issues in the project. Inform your team about the internal activities they can log their time to and provide them the project key so they can easily search for activities defined in this project.

Now, your team will be able to easily log time against your internal activities.

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