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Manage Permissions

Note that permissions are only available in the Pro version of Clockwork.

Global Permissions

To set global permissions, log in as a Jira Administrator and go to Jira Settings > System > Global permissions.

Clockwork Timesheets Access

This permission allows you to limit access to global and project timesheets, timers and set up Teams and Billing Periods.

Clockwork Edit Own Working Hours Access

Enabling this permission allows users to edit their own Clockwork Working Hours. By default only Jira Administrators have access.

Clockwork Edit All Working Hours Access

This permission gives users the ability to edit all Clockwork Working Hours. By default only Jira Administrators have access.

Project Permissions

These permissions require you to configure Clockwork as the time tracking provider in your global Jira settings.

Clockwork View All Worklogs   

By default, the Clockwork tab showing worklogs will be visible only to people who have Work On Issues project permission. If you want to make worklogs visible to other users, use this permission.

Clockwork View All Hours   

This permission allows you to show a summary of time spent by each user on the issue without showing the users' worklogs.

Clockwork Log Work for Others   

Users with this permission can report time on behalf of other users. See this page for more details.

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