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January 2024

Happy New Year Everyone! 🎉 Take a look at some updates we prepared for you 👇

Create repeatable worklogs

Are you struggling with logging time against recurring events? We’ve got you covered!

Discover how easily you can log your time on daily standups or weekly meetings with our Repeat option and save your precious time for a coffee break!

This is a beta version of that feature and we’d appreciate your feedback on it!

Learn more

Repeatable worklogs.gif

See how the time was logged

Being as flexible as we are with providing multiple ways to log time, we introduced a preview of how your time has been logged. You can see the time tracking mode used on each worklog when navigating to your worklogs in the Issue view or Timesheet. Also, the worklog comments are no longer overridden with what Time Tracking mode was used on it so you can use your comments for more meaningful information.

Time tracking mode.gif

Let us know what you think about the new features!

Improvements and fixes:

  • Calendar view fix: When dragging 10-minute worklogs in the Calendar, those used to turn into 15-minutes worklogs.

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