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Enable Projects

Issue Checklist for Jira can run on any or all projects in your Jira instance. To globally enable Issue Checklist, log in as a Jira Administrator and go to Jira Settings > Apps > Issue Checklist > Enabled Projects. Use the toggles on to enable Issue Checklist on the desired project(s). You can use the search bar to find a specific project by searching for the name or project key. The Actions menu lets you bulk enable/disable Issue Checklist on all projects.

When Issue Checklist for Jira is disabled on a project, the Checklist UI is not shown, users cannot create Local Checklists and Global Checklists are not shown even if the project is included in the Global Checklist Context.

There is currently no setting to disable Checklists on newly created projects by default. However, if your security protocols require this, you can use an automation rule to automatically disable checklists when projects are created.

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