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Open Atlassian Bugs / Feature Requests

This page lists all the bugs and feature requests on Jira / AC backlog that impact Checklist for Jira:

  1. App entity properties can be altered by any user (despite what was written in Atlassian docs - hence we consider it a bug a not a feature request as Atlassian suggests):



    3. Mysterious OC-512 ticket mentioned in the dev community discussion linked above

  2. closed as LOW ENGAGEMENT - proper custom fields for Next Gen project.

  3. Backslash before [] -

  4. AP.history race condition -

  5. New Issue View panel position -

  6. Invoking /installed webhook before creating issue custom fields -

  7. Skip notification entries when updating custom fields (checklist):

  8. Override screen security when creating issue:

  9. Project condition not working:

  10. Create subtasks dialog:

  11. JWT token outdated problem (please reload the page) Join Jira

  12. Entity property custom fields are not updated on the board immediately after issue/entity property is updated:

  13. Jira built-in RegEx validator cannot access custom fields added via the descriptor.

  14. AP is not defined
    This problem happens intermittently and page reloads usually fixes it. It might present to customer in various ways from app frame not loaded (yellow triangle) to some functionality not working.
    We can see this problem is recoded very often in Sentry but Atlassian does not track/admits it hence there is no public bug.



    3. Partially:

    4. (it is not fixed; it still happens to us)

  15. Cannot use JQL to search for incomplete items with exact text if statuses are disabled JRACLOUD-75866

  16. Importing issues with CSV External System Import does not fire “issue created” event/webhook

  17. Connect apps occasionally fail to load inside the Jira issue page views, with Atlassian Jira SPA (single page app) mechanisms fail to re-issue properly fresh jwt-token when user navigates back to already cached issue view. If you navigate back to an issue after 15min, the JWT will have already expired and the connection to the app will fail, causing an unauthorized error message. &

  18. SOVED Checklist panel is not shown when issue is opened in bitbucket/confluence full view and Jira preview / Connect apps fail to load inside Preview:

  19. - issue is not switched when navigating through the list (so checklist is shown for previous/incorrect issue)

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