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Problems Loading Checklists

If Issue Checklist fails to load and you receive an error message such as, “Unable to decode Symmetric JWT token: Error: Signature verification failed…”, uninstall and then reinstall the app. This is safe, as all checklist data will be preserved in the database.

Loading problems indicated by the yellow triangle or Something’s gone wrong flag shown below can be caused either by the connection being blocked by a VPN, Proxy or Firewall, or by an Atlassian bug.

To test the cause of the problem, try loading the issue in another browser and see if other users on your network are experiencing the problem.

  • If the same problem occurs on other browsers, and for other users:
    The most likely problem is that a VPN,Proxy or Firewall is blocking the connection to our servers. See the instructions below.

  • If only one user is affected and the checklist loads in another browser:
    The Atlassian bug is the most likely culprit. See the instructions below.

VPN / Proxy / Firewall Blocks Checklist Connection

If your organization’s protections are too strict, then connecting to Checklist servers from your network may be blocked.

To quickly validate the problem, connect your computer to a non-office network (e.g. at home or phone hotspot). If the Issue Checklist works fine, then the problem is with the company network setup. In that case, you need to relax the rules in your VPN / Proxy / Firewall software. For example, you might need to disable the “CyberSec” rule in the NordVPN configuration:

If your network is managed by an outside company, please reach out to your IT department, and ask that Checklist servers be whitelisted:

Atlassian / Browser Bug

If the problem happens occasionally on some browsers, and only to some users, it is most likely caused by an Atlassian bug (which is, unfortunately, closed, but not solved).

To validate that this is the cause, check your browser’s console logs for Addon iframe timed out messages.

If you are experiencing this error, please comment on and vote for the bug. (You might need to log in to Ecosystem Jira).

To solve the problem:

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If this problem persists, please contact our support.