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Setting a Default Template

You can set a Default Template that will be automatically added whenever an issue or request of the indicated type is created. Default Templates are defined per project and issue type / request type, allowing you to set different default templates for each type within each project. 

Templates can also be added to issues from the via automation or the REST API.

Default Template is not applied when issue / request type is changed later in “issue update” operation.

You must have project administrator permission to set default templates.

To set a default template:

  1. Navigate to the templates page either by selecting Checklist from the left project nav bar or by selecting Manage templates from the menu for the Checklist.

  2. Click Set default for the appropriate template.

  3. Select the Issue types and/or request types you want the template to be applied to.

  • Note that cloned checklist takes precedence over a default checklist. If an issue with a checklist is cloned, the default template will not applied.

  • Every Jira workflow contains an Issue Created post-function by default. This is required for default templates to work and should not be removed. 

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