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What is a template?

A checklist template is a pre-defined list of checklist items. It can be loaded manually into an issue at any time, added automatically as a default template when an issue of a given type is is created , or added to an issue via automation.

Global Checklists vs Templates

Global Checklists and Templates can both be used to save time, standardize processes and automatically apply checklists to new issues. The main difference is that Global Checklist are linked to selected issues, while Templates are just definitions that can be applied/copied to issues.

Global Checklist


Available In



Created/Managed By

Jira Admins

Accessed from Global Checklist page in Jira Administration section.

Users with edit issue permissions (see details)

Accessed from the issue page or project page.

Behavior / Configuration

Global Checklist can be linked to the issues across Jira projects.

Any changes to the Global Checklist are immediately visible on existing issues with this checklist.

Template can be copied/applied to the issues in a project.

Any change to template (after it has been copied/loaded to issues) is not reflected on the issues.


Global Checklist can be linked/set globally to one, multiple, or all projects.

It is then visible on all existing and new issues matching the configuration (project and issue type).

Template can be individually set as a default template for an issue type(s) within a project.

It is then applied/copied to all newly created issues (in that project) matching the configured issue type.

Issue view

Users can only toggle the state/status of checklist items displayed on the issue page (subject to permissions).
They cannot add, delete or change the content of the items.

Users can load templates onto an issue. Once a template is on an issue, users can add, edit or delete items (subject to permissions). Changes made to the checklist on the issue will not impact the saved template.

Automatically Added to New Issues

Yes, via the configuration (context).

Yes, if set as a default Template.

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