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April 2024

See what’s new in Clockwork Pro 💜

Outlook calendar integration

Now, you can connect both your Google and Outlook calendars for quicker time logging!
View your scheduled events from Outlook in your Clockwork Calendar and log your time as you go.
Just click on the calendar event and select the task you want to log this time to.
Et voilà! This is this simple.

See how to connect your calendar

Multiple Holiday Calendars

If your teams work in multiple locations and have different holiday schedules, Clockwork has got your back!
Now, you can create multiple Holiday Calendars and assign users to those that should apply to them. Holiday Calendars can be created manually or imported from a URL.

Holiday calendars.png

Learn how to set Holiday Calendars

Quick Add in the Issue View

Need to quickly add your time on an Issue? ⚡
Just type in the time and click Add (you can add a comment too if you really need it 😉).

Quick add.png

Improvements & Fixes

  • Reports can now be deleted only by the user who created the report or the Jira Admin

  • Improvements to timesheet scrolling

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