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Billing Periods

Billing Periods give you the ability to configure a timeframe and define a point at which users will no longer be permitted to add, edit, or remove worklogs for that timeframe.  This is useful for ensuring accurate invoices and payroll. 

Clockwork allows you to decide:

  • The increment of your Billing Periods: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or other,

  • If the Billing Period should close automatically at a certain date and time, or if you prefer to do it manually after reviewing the timesheets.

This feature requires Clockwork Timesheets Access permission.

Important notes:

  • To make it work, you need to have Clockwork Pro enabled as the Time tracking provider,

  • Any 3rd party actor using Jira REST API directly can bypass the restrictions on locked worklogs,

  • The locking restrictions can also be bypassed by using the Jira mobile app.

Set up Billing Periods

To create Billing Periods navigate to the Billing Periods tab in the left nav bar and click Add.

Select the Period start and Period end dates, optionally you can select the time. The dates and times use the Timezone set up in the Working Hours Global Settings.

Automatically Lock Billing Periods

If you want the Billing Periods to automatically close at a certain date and time, tick the Auto close? checkbox and set the time when users will no longer be able to add, edit or delete worklogs for the Billing Period. Click Save.

Manually Locking and Unlocking Billing Periods

You also can lock and unlock Billing Period manually. This is useful when a user needs to make a correction on their timesheet for a Period that is already closed. To lock/unlock a Billing Period, click on the padlock icon next to the Period. When it’s dark grey - it means the Period is locked. Clicking on it will unlock the Period. Use the same method to lock an unlocked active Period ( a period that the current date is in).

When a user tries to add, edit or delete a worklog within the locked Billing Period, the action will be blocked and they will be notified that the Billing Period is locked.

Grant permission to users to edit worklogs on closed periods

You might want to exclude some users from not being able to log, edit or delete their worklogs on closed periods temporarily or permanently. To do it, start typing their names into the Global Exemptions field and Save at the end. This will enable the listed users to edit all periods that are currently in a locked status.

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