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February 2024

See what’s new in Clockwork Pro 💜

Log time against your internal, non-project-related stuff!

Define which tasks should be treated as internal and filter for them or exclude them from your reports.

Internal issues filters.png

Make it easier for your users to find the internal tasks in the Log Work dialog filters!


Learn more about Internal tasks

See worklog attributes straight away

Clockwork’s Worklog attributes are now visible immediately without having to open the Log Work dialog. You can check them in the Issue View, Timesheets' Worklogs list or Calendar.


Visibility of worklog details.png

Calendar View worklog details.png

Learn more about Worklog Attributes

Improved descriptions' formatting for better readability

Worklog descriptions are now improved to make them easier to read, even when they are longer than usual. If the description doesn’t fit into the worklog line, just hover over it and read it from the tooltip.

Limit on Starred Issues filter removed

Starred issues filter in the Log Work dialog is now displaying all your starred issues. The limit that showed only 10 items in the drop-down before searching has been now removed. Enjoy starring your favorite tasks!

Starred issues without limits.png

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