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My Work - Timesheet & Calendar views

Users can view their currently logged work, either as a timesheet or a calendar, by navigating to Apps > Clockwork and selecting My Work in the left nav bar. In Clockwork Pro, users have the option of viewing their worklogs as either a timesheet or a calendar.

Timesheet View

The My Work page displays a timesheet for the current logged-in user. The page can be configured for a specific date range, project(s), filters and breakdowns, as with any timesheet. You can also create/edit worklogs from this view.

Calendar View

This feature is only available in Clockwork Pro.

In Clockwork Pro, users can click on the Calendar link to see their logged work on a calendar.

You can create/edit worklogs from this view. If work is logged on an incorrect date/time, it can be dragged to another time slot.

 Hover over an entry in the Calendar view to show a tooltip with the precise timestamp for the start and end of the worklog.

Calendar View worklog details.png

View Another User’s Calendar

To view another user’s calendar, navigate to Apps > Clockwork from the main Jira menu and click My Work. Click on the user icon in the upper, left corner. Begin typing the name of the user whose calendar you wish to view. A user picker will open. Select the appropriate user.

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