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Exporting Checklists


If you are using Checklist for Jira ENTERPRISE , note that these methods cannot be used to export Global Checklists as Global Checklists are not saved to the Checklist Text custom field.

Standard Export

Checklist items are automatically stored in the Checklist Text Jira custom field as long as the Save local checklist items to Jira custom fields global setting is enabled. Including this field in any export will ensure checklist data is exported along with the issue.

Note that by default the Checklist Text field is not visible on any screen. Follow the instructions here to add the field to a screen.

Export/Backup Checklists

Checklists are regularly backed-up as described in our Security Policy.

If you want to export checklist data out of Jira (for backup purposes or when migrating to other systems), you can:

  • Backup Jira (export Jira issues)
    Use this method backup purposes or when migrating to other Jira instance. Checklist data will be preserved in the Checklist Text field.

  • Use Jira REST API
    Use this method to migrate Jira issues to a non-Jira system, or to migrate checklist data to another app or system.

Better PDF Exporter

The Better PDF Exporter app does not currently support integration with the Issue Checklist. If you’d like to see this developed, please vote (thumb up)/comment on this thread.

Xporter for Jira

Xporter plugin provides tight integration with the Issue Checklist. Please consult their documentation for details.

Xporter for Jira is an app offered by Xblend that allows you to export Jira issues to various formats and documents (PDF, MS Word, and MS Excel). 

Issue Checklist can be integrated with Xporter to allow you to include checklist data in exported issues and documents. 

Built-in Xporter Integration

Please refer to the following page in Xporter documentation for detailed instructions.

Manual Integration

Alternatively, you can include checklist data in the Xporter template using the custom fields provided by Issue Checklist:

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