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Quick Start Guide


Add a Checklist to an Issue

To add a checklist to an issue, click on the Checklist icon.

To ensure checklists are always visible, go to Jira Settings > Apps and select Global settings under the Checklist heading. Use the toggle to enable Show checklist always (New Issue View).

Add an Item to the Checklist

To add an item to the checklist, simply type the item in the text box at the top of the list. Hit enter or click on the checkmark when you’re done.

Enable Statuses

Checklists can use simple checkboxes, statuses or both. To enable statuses for checklists in a project:

  1. Go to Project Settings > Issue Checklist.

  2. Use the dropdown make to select checkboxes, status or both.

Save to Custom Fields

Checklist data can be automatically saved in the Checklist Text custom field. This makes the checklist usable with automation and other advanced uses. To save checklist data to the Jira custom field:

  1. Navigate to Jira Settings > Apps and select Global settings under the Issue Checklist heading.

  2. Use the toggle to enable the Save local checklist items to Jira custom fields option.

Screen Shot 2023-05-12 at 3.14.20 PM.jpg

Checklist Items

Checklist Item Functions

Hovering over a checklist item reveals a menu that allows you to:


Format Checklist Items

Checklist items can include emojis, due dates, descriptions and rich text formatting.

Assign a checklist Item

Use @ mentions to assign a checklist item to a user.

Quick Access Menus

Quick Access Menu

Click on the … menu to the right of the Checklist title to quickly access checklist options. If you are using multiple checklists on an issue, the upper menu will impact all checklists, and the others will only impact the specific checklist it is associated with.


Checklist Templates

Save a Checklist as a Template

Want to reuse a checklist? You can save it as a template.

To save a checklist as a template:

  1. Click on the menu at the top of the checklist.

  2. Select Save as template.

  3. Name the template.

  4. Click Save.

Create a Template

To create a checklist template:

  1. Click on Checklist in the left nav bar. *A list of checklist templates will be shown.

  2. Click Create template.

  3. Build the checklist, name it and click Save.

*You can view, edit or delete any template form this page.

Add a Template to an Issue

  1. Click on the …menu at the top of the checklist.

  2. Select Load templates.

  3. Select the appropriate template.

  4. Click Load template.

Set a Default Template

Default templates will be added automatically whenever an issue of the indicate type is created.

To set a template as a default:

  1. Click on Checklist in the left nav bar.

  2. Click Set default for the appropriate template.

  3. Select the issue types you want the template to be automatically applied to.

  4. Click Save.

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