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Use Case Examples

Software Projects

Acceptance Criteria

Make expectations clear by creating unique acceptance criteria for each story.

Definition of Done

Create a Definition of Done list which can be added by default to all stories. Use a workflow validator to prevent the issue from being transitioned if it’s incomplete.

Definition of Ready

Tame your backlog by using a checklist to determine which stories are ready to be developed.

Quality Assurance

Easier than creating subtasks – use a checklist to track cross browser testing, and other QA processes.

Service Projects

Feature Suggestions

Using checklists is an easy way to standardize a process and ensure completion.

Steps to Reproduce

For those nasty bugs, agents can use a checklist to easily communicate the steps to reproducing the bug to developers. The checklist can be shown (read only) to the customer to confirm the steps are complete.

Business Projects

Marketing Tasks

Outline marketing campaigns and track the details of what needs to be done.

Content Management

Use a checklist to make sure content is up to snuff. Save the checklist as a template to use on future issues.

HR Paperwork

Just as checklists are a great tool for QA in software projects, you can use them to ensure all of the new hire documents get completed. Set a checklist as a default template to be automatically added to all new issues.

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