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Refresh List of Templates

It is recommended that you use labels integration to add Checklist Templates to issues, rather than referencing the Template ID.

If a Checklist Template has been recently added, modified, or deleted, the options in the Checklist Template dropdown field on Jira issues may not reflect the most recent changes. It can cause the template feature to malfunction (i.e. when the template is selected in the Checklist Template field, the corresponding checklist won’t load). To address this:

  1. Find all issues with a value in the Checklist Template field.

  2. Click on the … menu and select Bulk change all x issues.

  3. Use the checkboxes to select the issues you want to add the template to. Click Next.

  4. Select Edit issues and click Next.

  5. Select Checklist Template as the field to be edited. Select None as the template.

  6. Click Confirm. This will trigger the templates to re-sync with the Checklist Template field.

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