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Send Slack Message with Checklist Progress

This rule sends a Slack message showing the checklist progress whenever the checklist is updated.


If you are using Checklist for Jira ENTERPRISE , note that this rule will not respond to nor reflect changes in items in Global Checklists. The rule is triggered by changes in the Checklist Text custom field. Global Checklists are not saved to the custom field and therefore cannot be referenced by the automation rule.

Send Slack Message with Checklist Progress

  1. Ensure the Save local checklist items to Jira custom fields global setting is enabled.

  2. Navigate to Project Settings > Automation (or Jira Settings > System > Automation rules).

  3. Click Create rule.

  4. Select the Field value changed trigger and click Save.

  5. Select Checklist Text in the first dropdown list. Click Save.

  6. Click New condition and add any needed conditions. Click Save.

  7. Click New action and select Send Slack message.

  8. Enter the URL of your Slack webhook.

    1. Click on the configure an incoming webhook 

    2. Select the appropriate channel

    3. Copy the URL and paste it into the automation rule

  9. Create your message. Use automation smart values and the “progressText” checklist entity property to show the checklist progress in the Slack message. Save and publish the rule.

    Progress on {{issue.key}} has been updated, but some items are still incomplete: {{ }}
  10. Indicate if you want the message to show as coming from automation, a user, or a channel

  11. Click Save.

  12. Name the rule and click Turn it on.

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