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Upgrading from Checklist for Jira Cloud to Enterprise FAQ

Are we obliged to migrate from Checklist for Jira Cloud to Checklist for Jira Enterprise or we can stay with our current version?

You are not required to immediately migrate, but please know that the current version of Checklist for Jira Cloud will not be perpetually maintained. We understand that migration is a big step and will give customers until the end of 2024 to migrate. When the deadline approaches, we will alert customers who have not migrated.

How is Checklist for Jira Enterprise Different from the current Checklist for Jira Cloud app?

The Enterprise app includes several features not currently available in Checklist for Jira Cloud, and we will continue adding new features in the upcoming months.

The Enterprise app is based on the code used in Issue Checklist for Jira Pro/Free hence and has therefore been tested in more than 40k instances.

What is the cost of the Enterprise version?

The cost of Checklist for Jira Enterprise is exactly the same as Checklist for Jira Cloud.

What happens if our current license needs to be renewed and we do not want to migrate yet?

Checklist for Jira Enterprise and Checklist for Jira Cloud use the same license. You can renew your current license regardless of when you choose to migrate.

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