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Clone Checklist when Issues Are Cloned

Clone with Jira

To clone an issue with a local checklist, select Clone from the … menu.

Cloning local checklists for cloned issues works out of the box. Statuses of cloned checklist items are set to unchecked/open.

Note that cloned checklists take precedence over default checklists and Checklist Text field content. For issues cloned with a non-empty checklist, neither the default template nor the checklist from the Checklist Text custom field will be applied. 

Clone with Automation

If you are cloning an issue with a checklist in an automation rule:

Clone with Elements Copy & Sync

  • This example refers to Company-managed (Classic) Jira projects only.

  • If you are using Checklist for Jira ENTERPRISE , note that this method will not work for Global Checklist. Global Checklists are not saved to the Checklist Text custom field and therefore will not be copied and/or synced.

Elements Copy & Sync is a Jira app used to clone and sync Jira issues. You can use Elements Copy & Sync to copy issues with their checklists and the checklist’s current statuses. Alternatively, you can copy the issue and checklist without the checklist status, or you can synchronize to keep the checklists on both issues in sync.

To copy an issue with checklist item statuses:

  1. Ensure that the Save local checklist items to Jira custom fields global setting is enabled.

  2. Go to the Elements Copy & Sync Cloud administration and click on Recipes in the navigation bar.

  3. In the Recipes listing page, select Escalate ticket in the Active Recipes list.

  4. Click on the Content tab on the Recipe configuration page.

  5. In the Fields section, activate the Set and synchronize fields option. The Fields mapping options subsection is displayed.

  6. Click on the "..." button at the right of the Add target fields option, and select Issue Checklist for Jira.

  7. Save the recipe.

When the recipe is triggered from an issue, it will copy all the checklists in the source issue to the target issue, including the status of the checklist items.

To copy an issue with checklist items cleared (all items open/incomplete):

To copy the issue with the all checklist items marked as open/incomplete (regardless of the item status on the source issue), check the Clear Checklist checkbox.

To copy an issue with checklist items synced:

To copy the issue with the all checklist items synced (each time an item is marked as done in the checklist of the source issue, the same item will automatically be marked as done in the checklist of the copied issue) enable the Synchronized toggle.

For more information, see Elements Copy & Sync documentation.

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