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Configuration & UI Differences in Cloud

Rather than using a custom field type, checklists in cloud are stored in an external cloud database, then rendered in the checklist UI on the Jira issues (read more about the difference between Checklists in on-prem and cloud). This page describes the different configuration settings, as well as differences in the UI.


Enabled Projects

Checklist for Jira | Enterprise can be enabled for individual projects, or all projects in your Jira instance. See this page for more information.

Global Settings

This page (Jira Settings > Apps> Checklist for Jira | Enterprise > Global Settings) allows you to configure settings for the checklist, including settings that govern how/where the checklists appear on Jira issues.

Settings which were on the Parameters page in Checklist for Jira on-prem may be found here.

Some of the settings configured here can be overridden at the project level (see below).

See this page for more information.


Permissions that are specific to the custom field in on-prem are configured per project in Cloud.  By default, users who have permission to view/edit the Jira issue have permission to view/edit the checklists. However, you can override this with specific permissions for to control who can view and work with checklists. See this page for more information.

Note that permissions are not included in the migration, so you will want to review/reconfigure them once the import is complete.


Project Settings

In Checklist for Jira | Enterprise, some global settings can be overridden by project specific settings:

Navigating to Project Settings > Apps > Checklist for Jira Enterprise allows you to configure settings for the project (overriding settings that are configured at the global level):

  • Enabling checklists in the project

  • Using checkboxes, statuses or both to indicate the state of checklist items

  • Sending email notifications (with a project-specific subject line) when a user is mentioned in a checklist item.

See this page for more information.

Project Templates

Checklist for Jira | Enterprise allows users create and manage checklist templates for the project without having Jira Admin permission. These templates can be set as a default template for specific projects/issue types. See this page for more information.


The UI on the issue panel is similar to Checklist for Jira, except that:

The field for entering checklist items is visible by default.

If the settings have been configured to show both statuses and checkboxes, statuses will remain visible even when the item is complete.

A separate, extended menu is available for checklist operations.

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