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Manager's Guide

Make your time count with Clockwork Pro - the time tracking app for Jira that helps you increase productivity, save time, and improve accuracy. 

Track time the way you want

Most time tracking solutions require you to adjust to how they work which slows product adoption and makes it more time-consuming to use.

👉 See our short video - Three ways to Track time with Clockwork for Jira

Advanced timesheet reporting

Monitor progress at a glance, spot trends, make better decisions, and improve productivity.
Clockwork Pro allows you to view your team’s time from multiple angles in the form of:

Improve productivity and transparency

Identify potential risks, bottlenecks, and time wasters and act before they become a problem.

Seamless billing and payroll

Get billing and payroll data right, and on time.

  • integrate Clockwork with your tools or export the data in few clicks

  • notify your team about required time corrections via email directly from Clockwork 👉 see our short video

  • ensure no one makes edits when the end of the month is closed 👉 see our short video

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