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Administrator's Guide

User-friendly, yet powerful

No complex, time-wasting set up - start tracking time straight after download. Easy-to-adjust configuration means zero interruption to existing workflows. A robust, easy-to-use interface and seamless Jira integration give you timesheets from day one for time logged previously. Download Clockwork today!

Clockwork can be used straight away after the installation and doesn’t require any configuration to start with.

You might want to consider some of the basics that allow you to adjust it to the way your teams work:



For a more advanced setup, see the articles below:


  • Worklogs settings - define your worklog attributes, make the description mandatory, or prevent users from logging time in the past or future. 👉 See our short video

  • Teams - set up your Teams for easier filtering on the Timesheet.

  • Internal Activities - define which tasks should be treated as Internal, non-project related work such as daily standups, weekly meetings, admin, lunch, or break.

  • Billing periods - configure the timeframes for your billing and define at which point in time users shouldn’t be permitted to add, edit or remove worklogs.

  • Prevent a transition if no time logged - you may want to ensure that work has been logged on an issue before the issue can be transitioned to the next status. 👉 See our short video

  • Agile Boards - show running timers on board cards 👉 See our short video

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